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First successful arrival to Germany in 2021

Andrea, Angie Juliana, Karen and Manuela are international nursing professionals from Colombia who provide support at the beginning of the year at the hospital in Karlsruhe.

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Certified nursing professional becomes practice instructor at a hospital in Germany

Laura Murcia Aristizabal was born in Colombia and already dreamed of becoming a nurse when she was a child. A dream that she made come true and continued in Germany...

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Change of name to TalentOrange

Since 2012 we have been known as CAPITALENT MEDICAL - now we are called TalentOrange.

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Settling in and working in the German health system

The 15 qualified participants in the TalentOrange program in Namibia finally arrived in Germany in July.

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Hitradio FFH starts search campaign with TalentOrange

It's the little things: Sweet message in a bottle found in the Main at a team event.

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Flawless applciation folder opens door to Germany

The study of health and nursing care in Bolivia takes five xears. Yamileth Lino began this study out of passion.

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First "Tica" begins work at hospital in Germany

For over seven years, the TalentOrange team has enabled international nurses to gain professional experience at German clinics and healthcare institutions.

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First nurses from Namibia landed in Germany

Those who successfully pass the selection process of the TalentOrange programme will begin a new phase as international health and nursing professionals.

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Project Pura Vida

Since 2012 TalentOrange has been offering international nursing professionals a language and further education programme.

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Care pilot project Mexico successful despite crisis

Every six months, qualified health and care professionals can apply for the TalentOrange selection process.

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