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This tree represents hospitality

On October 1, 2021, ten young people from a total of eight countries began their generalist training as nurses in Neu-Isenburg. As an opening gift for the nationwide first training campus for international nursing staff, the city gave a winter linden tree. The tree was planted today ...

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In 2021 almost 300 professionals started working in Germany

In the past months TalentOrange team welcomed hundreds of professional nurses, midwives, early childhood educators and surgical assistants at airports all over Germany. On average, 50 program participants start their new job in Germany every month. The program is for international graduates...

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TalentOrange travelling to Brazil and México in November

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the TalentOrange team travels to Latin America again. Dr. Tilman Frank and his project managers Fynn Kaese and Camilla Carrara will conduct interviews in-person, interested nurses with bachelor's degree can apply now for an interview in their homecountry ...

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Interaction with people as a source of energy

Managing director (CEO) and founder of TalentOrange GmbH, Dr. Tilman Frank was a guest at German broadcast rheinmain TV. With Nelly Kostadinova, speaker and international professional herself, he talks about the beginnings of his company around nine years ago. He also reveals what gives him and his team the strength ...

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More than 160 happy greetings at the airport

Despite difficult conditions when leaving and entering the country - for example from Latin America or Vietnam - the TalentOrange team was finally able to welcome participants of the program such as professional nurses, surgical assistants and early childhood educators in Germany, in the first half of the year only ...

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Talents explain medical terms

We stay in touch with our talents. They already had mastered the medical terminology long since. To share their knowledge with new professionals from abroad, some of the alumni have explained German words such as "Röntgenstrahlung", "Blutdruck" or "intravenös" in their mother tongue...

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Reminder: May 12th is World Day of Nurses

Working as a nurse in a facility, as a caring relative / friend or as a professional health or childcare nurse at hospitals worldwide - today's date unites them globally and puts the people behind it in focus. We are grateful for over 1,000 talents ...

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International Midwives’ Day 2021

Since 1991, Midwives' Day is celebrated annually on the 5thMay in over 50 countries around the world. We are very proud: There are also many midwives among our talents, doing a great job...

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National Kindergarten Day 2021

A day to draw attention to the importance of early childhood care, education and child care institutions - TalentOrange is particularly grateful this year. Because the first international educators have arrived in Germany....

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Almost 100 professionals have already arrived

The current situation does not make it easy for international professionals to travel to Germany. But thanks to a great team and great cooperation with clinics, hospitals and institutions in Germany, we were able to welcome almost 100 tal...

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