Intercultural workshop with TalentOrange:
Fully prepared
for successful cooperation.

Creating a welcoming culture

Overcoming differences and language barriers.

A successful start with a new team is only possible if the new employees and the hosting team are perfectly attuned to each other.

Solution-oriented and empathic shaping of the new team

With our established workshops, we sensitize your team to cultural differences, offer an extremely exciting, instructive exchange and the appropriate framework for questions, concerns and expectations. The greater the intercultural competence in your team, the smoother the upcoming training and long-term cooperation will be.

teamwork in the classroom during German classes

Understanding, empowering, creating anticipation

  • Which cultural environment do the new colleagues joining you come from?
  • What is the motivation of the new colleagues arriving in Germany?
  • What are the relevant differences between the healthcare system and the education in the country of origin and those in Germany?
  • How can potential conflicts with future colleagues be anticipated/solved/avoided? 
  • How to successfully communicate with each other?

Interactive, practice-oriented, customized

More than theory: we engage in an active exchange with your team and give all participants tangible advice and recommendations for action. Our workshop is based on the experience of over 1000 cases of integration and real life in the respective countries of origin. We also know the people who will strengthen your team the best.

Carolina Martinez at TalentOrange


Carolina Martinez


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At our language school we coach your international professionals linguistically in an ideal manner for the assignment at your clinic.

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