we are TalentOrange.

From human to human.

"If there is a shortage of skilled workers in Germany and an oversupply of well-trained people in Spain, then the skilled workers from Spain must be integrated into Germany."

In 2012, Dr. med. Tilman Frank did not let go of this humble thought game. So simple. So logical. And so full of future-oriented potential. Today, years later, this trivial thought has grown by 50 employees, more than eleven recruiting countries and has a name:  

TalentOrange. Professionals worldwide.

We are the leading private provider of training, qualification and integration of professionals in the healthcare and social sectors. With our passion, professionalism and our strong network, we manage to be more responsive to the needs of each person and always find the most suitable personnel solutions. This enables our clients to be more successful now and in the future.


With our experience, expertise and reliability, we effectively connect talents and companies.


Simply because we love what we do. We make our clients' tasks and talents our own and solve them with passion and ambition.


Our promises are always honored and we integrate highly skilled Talents carefully, responsibly and smoothly for all parties involved.


Our innovative and creative approaches deliver convincing and efficient solutions that make our clients and Talents more successful.

Always that one percent more.

We accomplish more. For the future of our clients, our Talents and ultimately for the future of our society. That is why we are constantly evolving. In order to make our clients future-oriented, we develop innovative concepts, create business opportunities and achieve visionary goals.


two colleagues in the office wear a mouth-and-nose mask
classroom with international professionals and TalentOrange teachers during the German language course

In order to be able to recruit Talents from other countries in the future, we are constantly expanding into new countries. This enables us to continually develop ourselves and the opportunities for our Talents and clients.

Embark on a journey of discovery of the countries of origin now!

This combination of intercultural expertise and high competence makes us unique.


These solutions have already benefited other companies.

Success stories

Our Talents have experienced a lot on their journey to Germany.