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Our extensive FAQs provide answers to frequently asked questions. If there are any further questions, we will be happy to help you personally.

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Form which countries does TalentOrange recruit?

We recruit from the following countries in healthcare and in education.

What does TalentOrange do?

We take care of country selection, candidate selection, organization and implementation of the language course, submission of all documents required to obtain a deficit notice, work permit, visa. Furthermore, we prepare the existing employees for the "new" ones. We organize the entry, in advance the accommodation and take care of the official registration, health insurance, bank details, SIM card and the first orientation in the city.



How long does it take for the international professionals to arrive at our clinic / institution?

We guarantee you a date of entry. We continuously recruit well-trained and highly motivated professionals in the target countries and organize language courses, which last between seven and eleven months depending on the country. If there are still unplaced professionals available from the current language courses, it can happen very quickly (two months) - if the future employer wants to conduct the selection interviews for the language courses on site, it can take a good year.



With what language level do the international professionals arrive here?

All international professionals recruited by us complete the German Intensive Course with the B2 examination.



Do the international professionals also have a good command of the technical language used in hospitals?

With our TalentOrange App, the international professionals also learn the

technical language.


How long do the international professionals stay with us in the clinic / institution?

International professionals from third countries come on a permanent basis. Well over 90% stay with their employer for at least two years, and most of them stay in Germany even after that. The more successful their integration is, the greater the probability that they will remain with their new employer in the long term. And we make sure of it.

Who helps with entry and integration?

We take over the complete organization.

Who prepares our employees for the new arrivals?

How long do TalentOrange's international professionals receive support?

In most cases until professional recognition, but we have also been supporting some of them for over five years.

How do I select international professionals?

According to your vacancies, you select the international professionals in a personal interview or online. Further information on the selection process can be found in the Health Careund Education.

For which professional areas does TalentOrange recruit?

We recruit for all professional areas of in-patient care as well as for early childhood care.

How long does it take for international professionals to obtain recognition?

The pure adaption period imposed by the authorities is usually up to six (maximum nine) months for our health care professionals. For our education professionals, the process takes up to twelve months.

What do the services of TalentOrange cost?

We will gladly make you an offer tailored to your needs.

Can international health professionals also provide basic care?

In our experience, it makes sense to include the topic of basic care in the adaption course or the preparation course for the knowledge test according to the German understanding, since in many other countries of the world the basic care as well as the serving of food is taken over by auxiliary staff or family members.

What do the international professionals pay for the placement?

Language training, entry and placement services are free of charge for international professionals. In return, they undertake to stay with the employer for at least 24 months.

Can I ask other clinics about their experience?

Of course, you will find our references here.

Our clinic has not yet conducted an adaption course or preparation course for the knowledge test itself. Can TalentOrange support us in this?

We also accompany you and the international professionals during the processes already in progress and are available to you in an advisory capacity.

What is the motivation of the international professionals coming to Germany?

The most common motivation of our international professionals is a desire for professional development coupled with the search for economic stability and personal security - all factors that are often not present in the countries of origin.

There are so many providers. What are the advantages of working with TalentOrange?

You can rely on us: Our international professionals arrive at the agreed time, familiarize themselves quickly and stay for the long term. Our references speak for themselves.

What is the minimum number of international professionals to be recruited per course/placement?

To ensure the best possible integration, we recommend that you employ at least four international professionals from the same course per placement.

What are the differences in the training of international health care professionals compared to that of German professionals?

While health and nursing care in Germany is a classic training program, international professionals have completed a Bachelor's program of at least three years' duration and, in addition, often have advanced specialist training and Master's programs and practical experience in the form of internships or permanent positions.

Does the professional qualification of international educators differ from the standard required in Germany?

The international professionals are all graduates of renowned universities in Latin America and can therefore show at least four years of study in the field of early childhood education. They have already completed several internships as part of their training.

What are the special features of the cooperation with international educators in my institution?

The international professionals not only complement your team professionally, but also enable children to get to know other cultures from an early age and to exchange information in other languages in addition to perfect German. In addition, your institution will become more attractive because an international, highly qualified team will be optimally prepared to deal with the multicultural population in Germany.

For Talents

How can TalentOrange support me?

We are a highly committed international team with enormous experience and expertise, founded in 2012 and based in Frankfurt am Main. So far, we have successfully guided more than 2000 healthcare professionals from all over the world into a well-paid and promising permanent position in Germany. Starting with personal counselling, organization and payment of the language course, preparation for recognition, job placement and entry to Germany, including all administrative formalities as well as finding accommodation and opening a bank account.

Over the years we have grown with our tasks and thanks to our expertise we can now extend our portfolio to the social sector, i.e. education.

How does TalentOrange differ from other providers?

We put our heart and soul into our work, guarantee personal support and always find individual solutions. The whole offer is free of charge for you. The aim is for you to find the job that suits you exactly. With us, you will complete your language course largely to completely in your home country. We also prepare the recognition procedure for you.

In the health sector: Cooperation partners are renowned clinics and other (health) institutions throughout Germany. All those who are enthusiastic about outpatient care and long-term patient loyalty also have the opportunity to enter into an employment relationship with a cordial outpatient care service in Frankfurt am Main.

In education: We work together with numerous very good institutions in the field of early childhood education, which offer you ideal working conditions and attractive career prospects - all this in a sustainable and long-term manner.

Where can I find information (in my language) about the selection process?

On our YouTube channel, Talents talk about their experiences. Our website and the social media channels (Instagram and Facebook) provide you with most of the information and there are also a lot of testimonials in English and Spanish.

Where can I apply and when will I receive an answer?

If you would like to apply, please send your CV in English (and, if available, your Bachelor's degree certificate). As soon as we have checked your documents, you will receive a reply with all further information from us. In the meantime, you can read about experiences on our website and discover the latest news on our social media channels.

When does the next selection process start in my country?

As soon as a new selection process is launched, all details will be published on our website and social media channels. So please feel free to keep yourself regularly updated by visiting them.

Is there an office I can go to (for more information)?

We are located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. If you would like to visit us there, please make an appointment in advance. As soon as we receive your application, we will contact you personally. You can ask all your questions during the application process. We will also be happy to put you in touch with Talents who are already working in Germany and can tell you about their experiences. In addition, we are well acquainted with most local authorities worldwide, as we have been enabling motivated and qualified international healthcare professionals to further their professional development in Germany since 2012. You are welcome to inform yourself there as well.

Can I talk to someone who has already completed the TalentOrange program and is working in Germany?

On our website as well as on our social media channels (Instagram and Facebook) you will find a lot of information and also a variety of testimonials in English and Spanish. We are happy to put you in touch with our already integrated Talents during your application process.

What costs will I have to pay?

You will not be charged for the training, the placement or our service. Your future employer will pay the costs of the language course, the examination costs and entry costs. Only minor fees such as a visa and recognition costs are to be paid by yourself. You will also receive a scholarship for the entire language course. Only if you terminate your employment contract in Germany within the first two years will you repay part of the training costs. The sum is calculated solely on the basis of the actual costs incurred (language course plus expense allowance) in proportion to the length of time you have worked, i.e. after one year you will only pay back half of the costs, after 3/4 only a quarter of the costs, etc.

Is it true that providers like you withhold part of the salary of the recruited professionals?

We can't speak for other providers, but speaking for TalentOrange the answer is NO. As soon as you start working at a hospital or institution in Germany, you will be in an employment relationship with your new employer. You will be treated as a full team member and paid according to the tariff. The TalentOrange program (which includes the German course, the examination of documents, the organization of entry, etc.) is free of charge for all participants.

How can it be that I do not have to pay anything?

You should be able to concentrate on the language course and your integration in Germany and neither you nor your family should be to blame for this. Part of our large network are great hospitals and institutions throughout Germany, which not only offer our Talents full-time jobs, but also cover the costs for our TalentOrange program (such as language course, immigration, etc.).

Which degree can I apply with?

In any case with a university degree. Anything less than this is unfortunately out of the question.

How do I get selected?

Your successfully written application will be followed by a Skype interview. Afterwards - if also successful - a personal interview will take place in your home country or in Germany. The prerequisites for this are your professional qualifications and knowledge of a foreign language. In a personal interview, we would like to get to know you better: your personal motivation, your previous stages in life, your professional wishes and goals. Here you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions so that you can make a confident decision. During the language course, you will have a second personal interview to get to know your potential employer. Both sides then decide whether they can imagine working together.

What exactly does the German course look like?

It is a seven to eleven month intensive course. The course is a "full-time job". You are not allowed to do any other work while doing this. New topics are part of it every day, so it is necessary that you repeat the content from the course independently after the lesson. The courses take place in a local language school in your home country, as an online course, or at our TalentOrange language school in Germany (after completing level A2). Participation in the German course is free of charge for all Talents.

Which language level do I have to achieve?

You need the B2 language certificate for professional recognition in Germany. Linguistic preparation is therefore a top priority. Good language skills are the key to working successfully and quickly settling in in your new environment.

What do I need if the course takes place online?

For courses that take place online, you need a PC with a camera, a stable internet connection and a quiet room to study.

Will I also be prepared for the German technical language in healthcare in the German course?

Most courses prepare for a general - non-technical - language certificate. After the B2 degree, there is a learning program for the technical German language in healthcare. This learning program is a very important preparation for everyday working life in Germany.

Can I bring my family to Germany?

As the TalentOrange program is free of charge for all participants, it is important that the requirements we list in our announcements are met.

The professional development of all Talents is a top priority and therefore the program services are exclusively for the selected Talent. Unfortunately, it is not possible to arrange for family reunification within this framework. The move to Germany is a big step that should be well considered. Every Talent needs enough discipline and time to first concentrate fully on the German course and especially to be focused during the probationary period at the hospital. Some Talents have already reunited with their families through their initiative.

Who can apply to TalentOrange?

The TalentOrange program currently applies to qualified international health professionals who hold a Bachelor's degree in their field ((pediatric) nurse, surgical assistant, midwife, MTRA, physiotherapist, occupational therapist) and qualified international educators who hold a Bachelor's degree in their field (early childhood education).

Qualified doctors can also apply, provided they already have a command of German at level B2 or higher. You will find further requirements here.

As soon as a new selection process is launched, all details will be published on our website and on social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). You can also send us an unsolicited application. Your documents will be carefully checked, and you will receive a prompt reply. You can then ask any further questions during the selection process.

How much practical experience do I need to have in order to apply?

Approximately 2,500 practical hours from the course of study, depending on the subject areas completed. Accordingly, it is not only the hours that count, but also the contents of the hours.

I have no knowledge of English. Can I still apply?

One of the prerequisites for applying for the TalentOrange program is that you can express yourself in English, as the selection interviews are held in English. You can do it, believe in yourself!

Background: Experience has shown that applicants who already speak a foreign language in addition to their mother tongue learn German more easily. The German language at level B2 is an indispensable prerequisite for the professional recognition of your title in Germany.

I did not make it in the last competition. Can I apply again?

A second application is possible in principle if your profile has changed fundamentally: For example, additional work experience, a successful Bachelor's degree, improved English skills, etc.

What exactly does the German course look like?

This is a seven to eleven-month intensive course at a local language school in your home country or at our TalentOrange language school in Germany: Either up to level B2 or up to level B1 in your home country plus follow-up course in Germany. Participation in the German course is free of charge for all TalentOrange students.

Will I receive financial support during the German course?

Yes, you will receive a country-specific scholarship so that you can concentrate fully on your language course.

What language level do I need to reach?

For professional recognition in Germany, you need the language certificate B2. It is important to prioritize language preparation. Good language skills are the key to successful work and quick settling in the new environment.

What does the working contract look like?

You will get an official working contract from your future employer. If you are from a non-EU country, your first working contract can be limited with the possibility of extension. 

The normal probationary period in Germany is six months. You work in a fixed position, fulltime and generally without limitation in the agreed upon position at the hospital and earn the same salary as German workers. To avoid repayments, the working relationship must be maintained for at least two years.

What happens if I want to end my employment contract early?

The fair treatment of all Talents is our top priority, which is one of the reasons why our services are free of charge for international professionals.

Over 2000 Talents have already gone the way with us. Many of them share their experiences publicly. Of course, every new start is a challenge and the step into a new working relationship abroad has its ups and downs like every job.

Since we take a high financial risk for all Talents and our cooperation partners also invest a lot of time in the training, one of the prerequisites for participating in our TalentOrange program is the willingness to work for at least two years at a hospital or an institution for early childhood education in Germany. An early termination is of course still possible, but in this case the costs incurred must be partially reimbursed.

As an international professional, can I stay in Germany beyond the two mandatory years?

As a fully-fledged employee, every talented person has access to the same further training opportunities as his or her colleagues, even beyond the two-year period. As a rule, these are open-ended employment contracts after completion of the professional recognition process. Many talented people have already acquired a stable, long-term perspective in Germany.

How many hours do health and nursing staff work in Germany?

As a rule, it is about 38.5 hours per week, five days a week in early, late or night shifts. The schedules are drawn up by the hospital and submitted to the nursing staff well in advance.

How much holiday entitlement do health and nursing staff have in Germany?

As a rule, the holiday entitlement is 30 days per calendar year from the beginning.

What prospects do I have as an international professional after the two (compulsory) years in a hospital?

As a full-fledged hospital employee, further training opportunities are open to every Talent, even beyond the two years. The special thing: In Germany, professional further training is generally free of charge, i.e. the employer pays the costs of further training (e.g. specialization in intensive care, stroke unit, etc.). Some of our Talents have already taken up a management position with their employer.

What do I earn as a nurse in Germany?

Nurses in Germany are paid according to collective agreements - everyone is treated equally, regardless of nationality. The pay category depends on the level of education (usually entry after graduation with at least EG 7). The more work experience there is, the higher the pay grade increases. This means that full-time health and nursing staff earn approximately 2200 to 3200 euros gross per month at the start of their work plus the supplements for night shift, weekend shift and holiday shift. The net salary is accordingly at least 1500 to 2200 euros per month.

How much do I earn as an educator in Germany?

As a recognized, qualified professional in the education sector, you will earn between 1600 and 2200 euros gross per month when you start working full-time. Depending on your professional experience and further development, your salary is negotiable upwards.

How high are the salary deductions in Germany?

About 33% of the salary is spent on social security, pensions, taxes and unemployment insurance.

Income in Germany is firstly expressed as a gross amount and secondly as a net amount. Remuneration which is paid directly is known as net pay, which is only calculated after certain tax and social security contributions have been deducted from gross income.

What are the requirements for professional recognition as a nurse or educator?

Professional recognition as a nurse or educator is a mandatory requirement for practicing this profession in Germany. Without professional recognition, you can only be employed as a nursing assistant for a limited period of time with a correspondingly lower area of responsibility and salary. As an early childhood educator, you will initially work as an assistant. Recognition is granted if the training content corresponds to that in Germany, the required language level is available, no criminal record and no health restrictions exist.

Here you can check whether your education is eligible for recognition in Germany.

How long does the recognition procedure take?

Depending on the so-called notice of recognition and the training differences mentioned in it, it usually takes three to 12 months until professional recognition as a nurse or educator.

Who will I work for?

Our clients and cooperation partners include hospitals, clinics and other (health) institutions at various locations in Germany with a very good reputation and employee numbers between 1000 and 4500.

Do I get to know my future employer personally in advance?

Yes, we will first conduct the interviews with you personally in your home country and then organize a personal meeting with the nursing directorate or facility management of your future employer. This also takes place in your home country or via Skype or - if you are already in Germany - at your employer.

How is the acceptance of international skilled workers in Germany?

The "world is home" at most hospitals, companies and institutions in Germany. Many different nationalities work together respectfully and are all treated equally. On our website you will find some current stories and field reports from international professionals. Feel free to have a look.

As an international professional in Germany, do I have the same rights and obligations as my German colleagues?

Yes, the professional recognition title qualifies the holder to work fully in the hospital or institution. You can find out which tasks in Germany are part of this title on the website of the German Federal Government, for example. As a full-fledged employee, you have access to the same often free further training opportunities as your German colleagues.

Do I earn as much as my German colleagues as an international professional?

Yes, international skilled workers earn the same salary as any other recognized skilled worker in Germany.

Will I receive assistance with the administrative procedures?

Yes, we can help you as an international specialist with all official matters, such as the professional recognition procedure or registration with the residents' registration office.

How do I find a flat in Germany?

You will always be offered an already rented flat on site as a temporary solution. That way you can easily find a permanent place to stay on site. Some employers offer their employees their own accommodation. It is always better to find out about housing options early on, as there is a great demand for accommodation, especially in the big cities. We are happy to support you in your search - also with tips, web links and contacts.

Can I extend my visa? And as a foreigner in Germany, do I have to present proof of salary if I want to continue living in Germany?

Your visa / residence permit must be extended by you at regular intervals. This period depends on the respective authority. As a non-EU member, you have to present a salary statement and an existing employment contract with every extension. After five years in Germany, you will usually receive a permanent residence title.

How high is the cost of living in Germany?

The highest expense is often the rent. This differs greatly from region to region and from city to country. The so-called Big Mac Index can provide a comparative value. Basically, one can live well in Germany on the salary of a qualified professional.

Do I have health insurance in Germany? What does health insurance cover?

Yes, health insurance is a statutory requirement in Germany. All people in Germany have statutory health insurance. Regardless of salary bracket, age or nationality, everyone has access to the same high-quality health services. The statutory health insurance schemes cover all visits to the doctor and medically necessary treatment, and private co-payments are usually hardly ever necessary.

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