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Laughing professional from her country of origin in South-East Asia standing in front of a grafitti wall

Your new pedagogical professional is:

    graduate of a renowned university in Latin America in the field of early childhood education.
    After at least seven months of intensive German language course to language level B2 plus. In addition to their mother tongue, they speak fluent English.
    They have taken life-changing paths, for the benefit of their profession, which they pursue out of conviction and with all their hearts.

    Sensitive and respectful when dealing and interacting with a diverse society.

    Degree recognition, visa, residence permit, labor market admission, registration and orientation at residence, health insurance, tax number, SIM card, bank account and much more.

Our word carries weight:

All early childhood education vacancies are filled by our competent professionals on time, effectively at a high level of expertise. 
TalentOrange is by your side as a strong partner throughout the entire process. We take care of it!

Our full service for your daycare:

  • All candidates are carefully and personally selected
  • The professional qualification as well as the technical and linguistic requirements are without exception prerequisites for an employment in your institution
  • The entire professional recognition process is guided
  • We will obtain all necessary residence documents
  • Sustainable integration is excellently coordinated by us
  • Personal initial assistance is offered by us, including support in finding accommodation, registration of residents, opening a bank account, etc.
  • All questions are answered through direct communication

We generate new perspectives for you and our Talents.

Four success factors for a secure future..

Simone Ludl

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