First training campus of its kind in Germany: TalentOrange campus

TalentOrange campus

The TalentOrange campus is your gateway to a successful future. This is where education and training takes place at the highest level – in completely digitalized classrooms. What's more: the TalentOrange campus offers you not only space to study and live, but also the opportunity to engage in multilingual, intercultural and international exchange. This is where language students of the TalentOrange program, nursing trainees and international professionals meet on their journey to professional recognition.

Your campus

Campus TalentOrange
Campus class rooms
Campus TalentOrange welcome nursing students
Campus TalentOrange kitchen
  • Plenty of space: On a surface area as large as a basketball court you can get educated and trained
  • High up: Studying and living on three floors: 
    • Accommodation: 30 rooms on two upper floors
    • Classrooms: modern and bright on the first floor
  • Fully digitized: Advanced education with Wi-Fi, tablets and SmartBoards
  • International: Meet language students and classmates from Latin America, Southeast Asia, Europe, Southern Africa and Germany
  • Individual support: 
    • Specially trained language teachers teach German intensive language courses here
    • Highly skilled nursing pedagogues and practical instructors educate and train about 15 future nursing professionals
  • Quickly accessible: Great public transport connectivity and cyclist-friendly
TalentOrange Campus Neu-Isenburg
TalentOrange Campus Neu-Isenburg
TalentOrange Campus Neu-Isenburg
TalentOrange Campus Neu-Isenburg
City view in the professionals' new home country

Perfect location

The TalentOrange campus is located in the Huguenot city of Neu-Isenburg, south of the metropolis of Frankfurt am Main. The campus is part of a 53,000-square-meter area on which, among other things, craft businesses, start-ups and other companies in the IT, research and development sector have settled. 

In close proximity to the campus, there is also a wide range of restaurants, food and drugstores for daily supplies. The Neu-Isenburg-Center (IZ), which can be reached on foot, is well known throughout the region. 

Between Neu-Isenburg and the vibrant city of Frankfurt am Main are about 6.50 km beeline. By bike you are there in only 12 minutes. The connection with public transport, such as bus and tramway, is easy and uncomplicated.

Public transport?  Stop: Neu-Isenburg Dornhofstraße – Easy to reach with the bus lines BusOF-53, BusOF-67

Colorful town

The citizens of Neu-Isenburg are characterized by their cultural diversity and respectful interaction. Volunteering activities also play an important role. More than 39,000 people, including many young families with children, live here and feel very comfortable thanks to the excellent infrastructure and the pleasant social climate. Come and study at the TalentOrange campus!

professionals coming together in their free time after work

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