International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day 2022

May 12 is not just another day: It is Nurses Day. Worldwide. In order to put a smile on these important player's faces in the healthcare sector and to get an even closer connection to our Talents, the international nurses, working at hospitals in Germany, we were inspired by Doña Maru, the grandmother of our professional nurse Bárbara from México:

International nurses are people with roots...

...and other passions besides nursing. A passion that Talent Bárbara and her grandma Maru share is coffee. And it's not just them.

In a study published in the Handelsblatt on occupational groups with the highest coffee consumption, health professionals in Germany took fifth place. A total of 42 percent of Germans stated: "I can't stay alert in the morning without coffee". For grandma Maru, who has been running her organic coffee production in Chiapas, Mexico, since 1995, coffee is much more than a simple engine:

Coffee packets sent to employers in Germany and their nursing teams

The TalentOrange team sent small packages of the coffee, harvested by Talent Bárbara on her grandma Maru's plantation, to customers and their nursing teams in Germany, just in time for the international nurses day.

Talent Coffee Team