Your dual nursing training in Germany:
To become a nurse.

Become a nurse in Germany

Attention: If you have already gone through a nursing education (successfully, meaning you finished your nursing studies at university) and you are looking to work in Germany, the TalentOrange program is the right choice for you.


The 3-years dual nursing training at our nursing school is your way to go, if:

1. You'd love to study nursing

2. You want to earn money while studying and living in Germany

3. You want to graduate as a professional nurse (= title comparable with an international bachelor’s degree in nursing)

4. You want to stand out as a strong candidate on a great job market

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German as foreign language

Before you can start your apprenticeship with TalentOrange, you need to have at least a B2 German level. No worries: In most countries you can also learn German with us beforehand. The full-time language course takes 7 months, is totally free of charge for you and you get a monthly scholarship to cover your expenses while you are learning German.

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Become a nurse (f / m / d) ...

... at the international, modern, and unique TalentOrange campus.

YES is your answer to following questions?

1. You have finished high school (at least 11 years) successfully with excellent grades or you are about to graduate soon?

2. You can speak a foreign language (at least at an intermediate level), e.g. English or French?

3. You are between 18 and 25 years old?

4. You are very caring and socially-minded, highly interested in the German healthcare system and in working with and for people?

5. You preferably have a first experience in the health care sector (e.g. studies or working experience)?

Yes? Yes? Yes!


That's HOW YOU APPLY and become an "Azubi" (student in apprenticeship/training):

1.    Application period runs from May to October 2024 (for talents without B2)

2.    Just apply via the following link. We get back in contact with you as soon as possible: Study nursing in Germany – 2024 

3.    In case your documents meet the requirements, we invite to an online and/or personal interview

4.    In case everything turns out successfully and you don’t have a German B2 certificate yet, you start learning German in your home county (7 months – paid by TalentOrange) 

5.    Once you get your B2 certificate, you start the dual nursing training at the TalentOrange Campus on October 01, 2024 

TalentOrange provides you with accommodation at the TalentOrange Campus for the first months of your studies and helps you with all the other administrative processes (acknowledgement of high school degree, visa application, working permit, etc.). 

We are looking forward to receive your application. 

Pauls Miksa Fynn Kaese

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Paul and Fynn are looking forward to receive your application:

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