Colorful Easter eggs on campus

Spring is coming! At our campus in Neu-Isenburg there are 30 dormitory rooms for language students and trainees. They live there for six months at a time until they move into their own apartments. Most of our talented students are no longer living with their parents for the first time. The dark and wet German winter is a hard time for them. Therefore, the joy is great when the sun shines again and the days become longer.

Shortly before Easter we celebrated together, because our talents want to get to know the local traditions. The Easter egg, for example: it is also known in Latin America as a symbol of new life and the resurrection of Christ. The Easter bunny also exists there. However, our Latin American talents did not know about dyed chicken eggs. So we dyed 50 eggs with the current group of our language students - with hot water, vinegar and liquid color. In red, blue, green, yellow and of course: orange!

If you live in or near Frankfurt, you also have to try the "Grüne Soße". Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already knew this sauce made of seven fresh herbs; it was one of his favorite dishes. In Frankfurt, it is made from the herbs that grow in the gardener's village of Oberrad: pimpinelle, parsley, cress, chives, borage, sorrel and chervil. The "Grüne Soße" is eaten with boiled or fried potatoes and with one or two hard-boiled, halved eggs. The most important thing, of course, is to make the sauce yourself! So ourtalents washed, cleaned and chopped herbs and made a tasty green sauce from sour cream, mustard as well as spices and lemon - the first in their lives! Of course, they ate it right away.

Our talented students experience so many "firsts" in Germany, and we try to make the start here easier for the campus residents with joint activities and excursions. When the strenuous B2 exam is over, everyone is happy. And the two large kitchens on each floor are fit for a party, that's for sure ...