Your new international professionals speak German. Well prepared at the TalentOrange language school.

TalentOrange, the language school for German as a foreign language for international professionals.

All of our highly skilled candidates will study German up to language level B2, once accepted into our program.

TalentOrange guarantees that your new professional team members are linguistically prepared for the joint future as soon as they start work. Because every TalentOrange employee has completed a seven to eleven-month German language course in their country of origin or at our TalentOrange language school in Germany.

Five success factors of the TalentOrange language school.

The language courses in the countries of origin and at our TalentOrange language school in Germany are taught by highly qualified, dedicated German as a Foreign Language teachers.

Our worldwide leading and proven teaching and learning concept for full-time German language intensive courses from 0 to B2 has been established over many years and ensures that communication with your new colleagues is successful.

At TalentOrange language school, pronunciation is considered the key to successful communication. Externally, it is perceived as the strongest factor in linguistic and professional competence and thus enormously increases the success of your new international professionals in their daily work.

German is not a simple language and yet it is one of the most important prerequisites for the professional recognition and social integration. Our individual additional tuition enables us to identify linguistic weaknesses at an early stage and to remedy them.

The German language certificate B2 is essential for the professional recognition of the professional title. Every student at TalentOrange language school is carefully coached and prepared for their final B2 language exam.


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Our team: PhD linguists, licensed teachers for German as Foreign Language, professional phoneticians & studied linguists.

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TalentOrange Fachsprach App

Learn technical language in healthcare with the TalentOrange language school.

The TalentOrange team has developed a comprehensive app for healthcare professionals to ensure that your international, skilled professionals not only have B2 competence but also the ability to understand and use German terminology at the hospital.

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