Let us convince you: Our references.

Walking the whole length of the path together and creating the greatest possible added value for all those involved - that is success for us.

We would like to thank all the clients and partners listed here and others for their trust and successful cooperation:

Auflistung von deutschen Kliniken mit denen TalentOrange kooperiert
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Video in German: Feedback on working with Talent Orange: employer / hospital in Germany

"TalentOrange has provided us with very well-trained and highly motivated educators who are an asset to our daycare centers after only a short time and who contribute to the high quality of our facilities. We see the multilingualism of the teachers as a valuable resource. All of our kindergarten teachers have a university degree in early childhood education, professional experience and speak a good level of German. They are an asset to our facilities."

Stefan Schmitt, First City Councilor of the City of Neu-Isenburg

"We are very proud that daycare in Hanau is diverse and colorful. That's why it's also fitting that we open up further in this direction. We see a great opportunity in actively shaping immigration in cooperation with TalentOrange. We are very pleased about the cultural and professional enrichment provided by the Latin American colleagues, who also inspire us to question previous structures."  

Axel Weiss-Thiel, Mayor of the City of Hanau

"We see TalentOrange as a competent cooperation partner for the acquisition of nursing staff from abroad. Thanks to our trusting and reliable cooperation, we have been able to recruit numerous motivated, competent and suitable nursing professionals for our team at St. Vinzenz Hospital Hanau since 2019."

Esther Dürr, Human Resources Manager St. Vinzenz-Krankenhaus Hanau gGmbH

"We have been working closely with TalentOrange since 2017. The TalentOrange team provides us with all-round intensive support and cooperative assistance in the process of recruiting and integrating the placed candidates. In the same way we receive feedback from our employees who have come to us through TalentOrange. We experience the cooperation as cooperative and can always rely on our contact persons."

Christine Schwarzbeck, Nursing directorate Bürgerhospital Frankfurt

"In TalentOrange GmbH we have found exactly the cooperative, professional partner we were looking for in the acquisition of healthcare professionals abroad. Together we can be proud of more than 110 healthcare professionals currently recruited and their successful integration".

Torsten Rantzsch, Nursing Directorate and Member of the Board UKD


"As the former Director of Nursing at the Agaplesion Bethesda Hospital in Wuppertal, I can state: It started as a project and ended as a success! Starting with getting to know each other, the Skype interviews, the arrival in Wuppertal, the welcome in the apartments and the great joy and support within the ward teams. Overwhelming motivation and huge willingness to integrate. Great development in language and professionalism up to career development in functional areas such as intensive care or endoscopy. It was and is a great pleasure and enrichment to accompany our Vietnamese employees, to promote their development and to see what successful integration can look like. In cooperation with TalentOrange as a loyal companion also on site, the focus is always on people and their needs. A great and professional support."

Andreas Fischer, Head of Nursing Department Center for Operative Medicine (DOM) UKD

"Who would have thought that our lives would be turned upside down like this. I find the cooperation with you very good. We are always informed by you and the colleagues about the current status, the arrivals go well and your responsiveness after the arrival of the new employees* is a great support for us."

Sandra Lehnert, Nursing directorate, Städtisches Klinikum Karlsruhe 

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