Benefit from your international professionals. With us.

Your new Health professional is:

Talent Alma at the office of TalentOrange
    (Pediatric) nurse, midwife, surgical assistant, MTRA, physician.

    A graduate from a renowned university in Latin America, South East Asia, Europe or Southern Africa.

    Skilled professionals take a life-changing path in favor of their occupation, only if they are willing to perform above average. 
    7 to 11 months intensive German course up to language level B2, deficit notification, labor market admission, registration and orientation in the residential area, health insurance, tax number, SIM card, bank account and much more.

We keep our promise.

TalentOrange guarantees that all vacancies in personnel will be filled by the promised point in time, sustainably and with a high degree of professional knowledge - by professionals who fit your healthcare establishment optimally, will integrate themselves perfectly and stay. TalentOrange promises to lead your way in this endeavour, ensuring minimal effort on your part.

More specifically: You can count on our team's support every step of the way.

Be convinced by our service package

We attend to you and the Talents during your joint start into a successful, long-term cooperation by…

  • thoroughly reviewing the applicants and carefully selecting them
  • ensuring professional standards, including technical and linguistic qualification with our own language school and technical language app
  • accompanying the professional recognition process
  • obtaining the necessary residence permits
  • preparing them for cultural differences
  • offering initial personal assistance, e.g. in searching for an apartment, registering a residence, opening a bank account, etc.
  • acting as a contact person for all questions

We generate new perspectives for our clients and Talents.

International professional sitting on the terrace and visiting the city during her day off at work

Four success factors for a stable future.

Explore how we identify and train our valuable Talents.

Recruiting process

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Countries of origin

This is how we support your Talents for employment in your clinic.