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With TalentOrange successful as an educator in Germany.

As a highly skilled, pedagogical, international professional, we offer you a secure and goal-oriented way to Germany. As a participant in our TalentOrange program, we take care of everything you need for your professional and social integration. Part of this is also: a long-term, permanent employment contract at a very good institution for early childhood education in Germany.

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Families in Germany need you.

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Germany has...

…one of the best education and training systems in Europe, where everybody has free access to education. The areas of education and training are strongly supported and promoted by the government.

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…a high number of skilled educators is needed in the kindergartens, nurseries as well as in the various daycare centers.


…the German federal government is working to continuously improve the situation in the daycare centers. For example, the municipalities are obliged to provide sufficient daycare places.

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… not every vacancy can be filled professionally, which is why there is currently a shortage of more than 100,000 trained educators.

This is where you come in:

Seize your chance now and apply as a professional educator for successful career prospects in Germany.

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TalentOrange program member

You should have: passion, a university degree & high motivation

Your personality constitutes the foundation.

As a participant in the TalentOrange program you are full of creativity, have exceptional perseverance, show extreme commitment, are patient, compassionate and affectionate. Working with children is your calling.

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Professional from an Asian country of origin working in germany

Your appearance is professional.

All our Talents practice their profession as educators with deep conviction and feel deeply connected to pedagogy and education. They already speak a foreign language (English or French) and are willing to learn the German language extensively. 

These requirements must be met to participate in the free-of-charge TalentOrange Program in the education field:

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