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With our specially designed program for international professionals, we offer everything you need to get your career as a professional in Germany started.

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Germany needs you.


To maintain this system, Germany is in need of many helping hands.

Unfortunately, those are currently not available. To add insult to injury, the German population is aging progressively, and the gradually retiring workforce cannot be sufficiently replenished with young professionals from Germany. 

This is your chance to gain professional experience in Germany. Apply now for the TalentOrange program and start your new life.

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Your new life with extraordinary perspectives:

  • Ideal professional and linguistic training opportunities
  • Improvement of quality of life
  • Job security

You should exhibit:

Score with your character.

A Talent from TalentOrange is highly motivated, willing to perform, shows outstanding commitment and most importantly is extremely curious.

Nurse of TalentOrange is happy to work in Germany
Enfermeras de TalentOrange loving their profession and working with all their passion at hospitals in Germany

Impress with your professional attitude.

Our Talents are deeply passionate about their profession and feel very comfortable in the healthcare industry. They already speak German well or are willing to learn the German language intensively.

Find out what requirements you need to meet in order to participate in the free-of-charge TalentOrange program.

TalentOrange program


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Apply now for the free-of-charge TalentOrange program.

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