Confident use of German terminology in hospitals.
Flexible learning
with TalentOrange.

Professional and practical: convince yourself of our concept technical language in healthcare.

Our TalentOrange app plus (optionally addable) didactics package create the concept of health terminology. Developed by linguists at the University of Hamburg, everyday conversational situations in clinics have been recorded (obviously with the consent of the persons concerned) and re-enacted for the app. All contents are regularly refreshed and updated.


qualifiziertes Pflegepersonal bei der Arbeit in deutschen Krankenhäusern

Technical terms and scenarios for different professional groups:

The course content covers the particular daily requirements of healthcare professionals in separate units. 

International professionals such as nurses, midwives or even surgical assistants can thus overcome an added challenge of the German language in their day-to-day work: the technical jargon at the hospital. With TalentOrange, they can overcome this challenge.

Nurse visiting a patient in hospital

(Technical) language as key to a smooth workflow on the ward.

Communication in international everyday hospital life

  • International employees practice technical terms at the clinic,
  • International employees learn to understand more complex correlations in hospitals
  • and improve their language skills and feel noticeably more comfortable.
  • Technical terms are now understood by all colleagues.
  • Conflicts and misunderstandings can be prevented.
  • Your international employees are more confident when interacting with colleagues and patients.

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App contents

5 situations represent common everyday situations in the hospital

  • Patient room
  • Ward room
  • Specialist stations
  • Conciliar services
  • Break room
    PLUS: Patient cases with exercises for the recognition exams

Over 25 scenarios contain a total of over 500 technical terms

160 technical discourses (10-15 minutes each) in German, including multifaceted exercise types in form of dialogs & listening texts, multiple choice exercises, sequence, free text and assignment exercises as well as repetition and simulated calls

Additional features:

Our TalentOrange language school team supports mobile learning with tutorials, frequent, customized questions and individual feedback. The extensive learning content of the app can be explained and supported in a personal exchange with our experts.

To ensure the learning progress and the applicability of the clinical terminology, a final exam can be arranged upon request.
Upon successful completion, participants receive a certificate - an additional incentive for your international professionals.


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