Study successfully German up to level B2 with us.

The TalentOrange language school: Arrive, understand and feel comfortable in Germany.

As a candidate of the TalentOrange program, the first major step on your way to Germany is learning German.

We provide all our Talents with the best possible language preparation for their future in Germany. To do so, you either attend one of our German courses in your country of origin or complete your linguistic training at our TalentOrange language school in Germany.

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We assist you with your integration in Germany.

In our German language classes you will be fully prepared for your language certificate, online and in person. With a good knowledge of the German language you will find it easier to adapt to your new home.


Get your career started with B2.

German is the prerequisite for your professional start as well as the recognition of your working title in Germany.


Junge Pfelger*innen nehmen Sprachunterricht an der TalentOrange Sprachschule
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Learn German free of charge.

As a participant in the TalentOrange program, registration and attendance of German lessons at the TalentOrange language school are free of charge.

Professional teaching staff will instruct you.

Our German teachers are very well trained and experienced teachers of German as a foreign language (DaF). They teach you the German language with passion and empathy.


Classes with international professionals from around the world
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Learning a new language together connects people.

You also begin your professional future well prepared. Learn a new language and make new friends. You can do it. We stand by your side. Our German courses will help you find your way around in Germany, both professionally and personally.

Find out what prerequisites you need to meet in order to participate in the TalentOrange healthcare program.

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Get to know our team: here you will also find our German as a Foreign Language teachers and the coordinators of our TalentOrange language school.


Discover now the new location of our language school on the TalentOrange campus.

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Improve your German at the hospital with the TalentOrange app for technical language.

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