New educators
in Germany

Isn’t it fantastic? They finally reached their destination! Allison, Alejandra and Carmen (from left to right) came to Germany on November 11, 2022. Within that same week they started working in day-care centres in Bad Homburg in Germany. But first, they were warmly welcomed at the city’s town hall. There, our three educators got to know the heads of their facilities. Then they went to the day-care centres together. The first day was exciting! Allison and Carmen are from Peru, Alejandra is from Columbia.

TalentOrange continues to recruit from Latin American countries. There are many talented young people who would love to work with children in Germany – although the education is good in their home countries, there are very few jobs. That is different in Germany, where day-care centres are happy to have additional (wo)manpower. Thus, TalentOrange liaises between the continents.

We wish our three educators a good start!

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