Around the entire world for the success of your clinic.

Three major challenges for German healthcare providers.

40,000 professional are needed, and demographic change is constantly increasing demand.

High organizational, financial and personnel costs for the training of international professionals.

Professionals return to their home country or change their company in Germany after extensive integration.

The solution:

International and highly qualified professionals who stay. 

We attract highly committed and qualified Talents from all over the world. They are ready to go the extra mile for their profession and even leave their home countries to build a new life for themselves. 

Sustainably integrated into your daily routine at the hospital, you will benefit long-term from a fully functional team. Not only will your hospital remain competitive, you will also secure a decisive competitive advantage. The result: a future-ready clinic. 

Our unique range of expertise is the key to our success: 

  • many years of experience in collaboration with German healthcare providers and international/national personnel placement
  • profound worldwide networking with universities, authorities and many other institutions

That makes us indispensable.

An indispensible partner for our clients and Talents.

Nurse from Mexico in Germany

We can assess...

...which of the candidates exhibits the necessary motivation and desired potential. Moreover: We have in-depth knowledge of country-specific education systems and cultural characteristics and can therefore ensure the most suitable Talents for your clinic.

We understand...

...who best fits into your team and with whom you will succeed. Additionally: We possess the expertise to ensure smooth integration – for you and the Talents.

nurses from around the world at talentorange program in germany
international team with members of TalentOrange at a renowned hospital in Germany

We have realized... employees should feel comfortable with the scope of their duties and be fully integrated to ensure that they stay for the long-term. That means: We give our utmost attention to the individual in order to find the most suitable candidates for you in the long-run.


Find out now who benefits from working with us!

Quotes of employers of Talents in Germany.

96% of placed professionals stay in Germany permanently.
More than 10 countries of origin and 27 partner universities.
More than 400 Talents per year.
Currently 16 hospitals and facilities worldwide.

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