Natalia Wilhelm
TalentOrange Language School |
Teacher for German as a foreign language

This is how Natalia Wilhelm advances TalentOrange:

She knows what it's like learning German. She herself came to Germany from Russia shortly after turning 18 – therefore she knows exactly every single hurdle that our talents have to overcome on their way to level B2. She actively takes responsibility for her talents and passes her own determination on to them.

Her journey to TalentOrange:

After graduating from the "Studienkolleg", she completed an equally successful bachelor's degree in German and French  – rounded off by a subsequent master's degree in French and German as a foreign language. During this time, she supported some of our talents through tutoring in such a conscientiously manner that the transition to the first TalentOrange German course of her own was only logical.


Her hidden talent:

Contagious love of animals: she inspires friends and colleagues to create meatless meals.

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