Leydi Sanchez
Pro­ject Mana­ge­ment
Healthcare and Education

This is how Leydi Sanchez advances TalentOrange:

At TalentOrange she taps into the Spanish-speaking world and supports our Talents delicately and attentively in all matters. As a native Colombian, she understands their questions and concerns perfectly, having learned German as a foreign language herself and made Germany her new home. With rhythm in her blood and a head full of creative ideas, she fuels new projects and company growth. This is how she is currently developing our new business field of the educational system.

Her journey to TalentOrange:

She has been with the company since its inception (back then as Capitalent Medical) and supported our pilot projects and developed new locations in Latin America during her studies.


Her hidden talent:

Painting: besides joyful words, she knows how to express herself through color.

Educationalist and contact person for talents from Chile and Costa Rica

TalentOrange Program Healthcare / Education

Jetzt Kontakt zu Leydi Sanchez aufnehmen:

M +49 157 59612902
E leydi.sanchez@talentorange.com