Fynn Kaese
Head of Further Training and Education

This is how Fynn Kaese advances TalentOrange:

At TalentOrange he drives the inclusion of international professionals. His commitment is global: not only does he build new strategic business lines, but he also sets up the furniture in the apartments of our Talents so that they arrive carefree in their new homes. With incredible perseverance, his enthusiasm and sincere interest in the concerns of his fellow human beings, he stands by the Talents and his team colleagues.

His journey to TalentOrange:

After studying intercultural communication and working as an intercultural trainer at SINIK Munich, he now promotes the enormous potential of intercultural exchange at TalentOrange.


His hidden talent:

Brewing beer: he knows the perfect ratio of hops and malt.

Cross-Cultural communicator and contact person for talents from Mexico and Argentina

TalentOrange Healthcare Program / TalentOrange Nursing Training ("Generalistische Pflegeausbildung")

Contact Fynn Kaese now:

T +49 69 999 993 558
E fynn.kaese@talentorange.com