Fiorella Figueroa Kleeberg
Pro­ject Mana­ge­ment

This is how Fiorella Figueroa Kleeberg advances TalentOrange:

At TalentOrange she supports our worldwide program from A to Z. Her warm nature, curious eyes and her love for structure and order always leads her to her goal. Having grown up bilingually, at home in Germany and Peru, she feels a special connection to our Talents from Latin America.

Her journey to TalentOrange:

Before she joined the team, she completed a Bachelor in modern foreign languages, cultures and economics and a Master in Moving Culture - Transcultural Encounters with a semester abroad in Spain. She also volunteered as a social worker in the poorest regions of Peru.


Her hidden talent:

Dog language: she shares many insights with her dog Gobi.

Humanities and cultural studies scholar and contact person for Talents from Colombia

TalentOrange Healthcare Program

Contact Fiorella Figueroa Kleeberg now:

T +49 69 999 993 553