Felicitas Wege
Project Management

This is how Felicitas Wege advances TalentOrange:

Multitasking does not exist? She proves us wrong! With the necessary insight and a lot of organisational talent, she finds talented people worldwide as a project manager for TalentOrange and accompanies them through our programme. On the other hand, in Executive Search at TalentSilver, she fills attractive management positions in Germany with the right candidates. Oh - and she also handles HR at TalentOrange!

Her journey to TalentOrange:

The theatre studies, media studies and art history graduate loves travelling and encountering other cultures. Her luggage includes two years abroad in the USA and Finland as well as a multitude of souvenirs from the agency world in press and public relations for financial market communication. After an exciting dive into the online editorial department of the start-up cosmos, she breathes colourful air at TalentOrange and TalentSilver.


Her hidden talent:

Paperwork: Her artistic post-its brighten up the office and the daily work of her colleagues.

Contact Felicitas Wege now:

E: felicitas.wege@talentsilver.com