Eva Kuschnerus
TalentOrange Language School |
Coordinator for technical language in healthcare

This is how Eva Kuschnerus advances TalentOrange:

Her linguistic knowledge and her enormous commitment are an asset to the TalentOrange language school. She provides intensive support for the users of our technical language app (German at hospitals) and takes care of its further development and revision – for which she sometimes immerses herself in the daily clinic routine. She shares her enthusiasm for technical content in a rousing way.

Her journey to TalentOrange:

Before she became part of the company, the German and French graduate went abroad – primarily during her studies to France, where she also completed internships and accompanied people with disabilities in the context of voluntary work.


Her hidden talent:

Violin talent: she can also strike the right chords on the violin.

Linguistics expert and contact person for technical language healthcare app and language learning ability test of TalentOrange

Contact Eva Kuschnerus now:

E eva.kuschnerus@talentorange.com