Camilla Carrara
Pro­ject Mana­ge­ment

This is how Camilla Carrara advances TalentOrange:

She is involved in our migration projects at TalentOrange and also acquires new contacts abroad – all of this not only in Italian and German, but also in Spanish or Russian.

Her journey to TalentOrange:

Before joining TalentOrange, she first worked as an educator in Bryansk, Russia and then on the island of Reyneke during an environmental protection project. Her Bachelor's and Master's degrees took her from "Linguistic and Cultural Mediation" in Milan to "Russian Studies and German" in Jena and "Languages, Literature and Culture" in Giessen – she gained her first professional experience in the field of human resources in Prague.


Her hidden talent:

Tickles chromatic sound spectra from the horn and conjuring up unforgettable aromas in Tiramisu.

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