Today we celebrate National Kindergarten Day in Germany

April 21 is National Kindergarten Day in Germany

And with it, we celebrate the teams of early childhodd education and child care institutions. We also see it as a tribute to all the teachers at Kindergartens around the globe.

A special gift in this context is
the safe and healthy arrival of our first educators from Latin America in Germany a few days ago.
We are very happy!

Itala, Lucero and Francisca are highly qualified, warm-hearted and top-motivated professionals with a bachelor's degree in education with a focus on "Early Childhood Education" and many years of practical experience in the field of education. Their German language skills are already at an incredibly good level. (Photo of them below).

The educational system of the future builds on the secure foundation of the present – this requires new perspectives. We provide these perspectives by recruiting, training and integrating international educators. We do this with care, reliability and the highest quality standards.

Pflegefachkräfte während ihrer Arbeit an deutschen Krankenhäusern