Laura Olivera TalentOrange Language School Bogotá |
Teacher for German as a foreign language

This is how Laura Olivera advances TalentOrange:

She teaches German as a foreign language at our Colombian language school in Bogotá. Full of motivation and enthusiasm, she accompanies our talented students as they learn German from the first "Hallo" to the B2 exam. She encourages them to believe in themselves and supports them in realising their dream of living and working in Germany. At the same time, Laura always remains cheerful, patient and empathic.

Her journey to TalentOrange:

This passionate language teacher for German, English and Spanish went to school in Bonn, Germany up to her General Certificate of Secondary Education. In Colombia, she completed her A-levels, studied to become a language teacher and worked in various language schools as well as at universities. Most recently, she was Academic Director of the "House of Youth" in Bogotá. She has also been a certified ÖSD examiner since May 2022.


Her hidden talent:

Roll the dice, draw, gamble - Laura loves playing board games and is pretty good at it too.

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