Kerstin Saniter-Limbach
TalentOrange language school
Coordinator and teacher for German as a foreign language

This is how Kerstin Saniter-Limbach advances TalentOrange:

At TalentOrange she diligently teaches German to our unique Talents from around the world in an open-minded and unbiased manner. As an experienced expat she knows what is going on in her students, listens to their stories and recognizes weaknesses early on in order to turn them into strengths.

Her journey to TalentOrange:

Her European secretary training was followed by further training overseas, a degree in translation in Cologne and editorial work at WDR. Later she worked at the Goethe Institute in Singapore. Back in Germany, she continued these activities, supplemented by the supervision of intensive German and integration courses. Oman was a further stop during her work as a German language teacher and before TalentOrange.


Her hidden talent:

High lucky charm quota: In every green meadow she discovers a four-leaf clover.

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