My secret receipe to master challenges:

Nurse Yali tells her secret for challenges:

"Having fun - What I enjoy always works out!"

Yali completed her five-year nursing degree in Cali (in her opinion, the best and happiest city in his native country Colombia). In 2013, she graduated. Always dreaming of working abroad, she learned English and tried to get visas in the U.S. and Canada, with no luck. Through the recommendation of a colleague, she finally became aware of TalentOrange...

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Why did you end up choosing Talent Orange?


When I tried to work in the USA and Canada, I realized: You need a lot of money for that, or at least someone to help you with the bureaucracy. The best way to receive this help is from someone who already lives abroad. I had neither. But luckily a colleague told me about Talent Orange. For that on the other hand, I had everything that was needed: English skills for the interview. No money was needed and more importantly, I really craved for something new in my life. That is why Talent Orange was just perfect.

Besides, my colleague had already had the experience with Talent Orange, told me everything and recommended the company.


Of course, I was also afraid because I thought "There are also very bad examples of these organizations". But I told myself: "Why not? You can at least give it a try! The worst that can happen is that everything goes wrong and you, dear Yali, have to go back home." But fortunately that didn't happen. The staff helped me with all the bureaucracy, documentation. I got help with the language and financial support to learn German. Now I have been living in Germany since March 19th, 2021.



What helped you to learn German?

What helped me to learn German was what always works for me: fun! What I enjoy always works out. I had good teachers and despite Corona and online classes, my classmates and I always made learning together fun. We even made up our own games to learn the most difficult subjects. If it was too complicated, a few beers were enough to relax and restart.


How were the first weeks in Germany?

At the beginning I was a bit sad, I had no friends. But then I got to know some Colombian colleagues on my ward and working with them is really fun. They are my new little family now. The work itself was not too complicated, you can ask anything anytime and always get help. My professional experience has also helped me a lot.


What do you love most about your job as a nurse?

I enjoy working on wards, where there is always a lot going on. That is where you can learn the most and gain a lot of experience. That's why the emergency room and the intensive care unit are my favorite wards.

In the ICU, not only are the patients hopeless but also the relatives. They see that all the patients are suffering from very serious diseases. Here you can help both: The patients with their treatment and the relatives with little things like a short conversation or a sympathetic ear.


What was something you learned there?

Everything about ventilation, for example, was new to me. In Colombia, I had only ever seen it, because we have special respiratory therapists there who are responsible for the patients who need to be ventilated 24 hours a day. But here in Germany, this task is also part of nursing care.


What do you find strange in Germany or about "the Germans"? What do you find great?

In Germany, I love the peace, the security. People have the chance to build a good life. Here you don't have to worry so much about the health system and the education system. If you have a job, everything works. And if you don't have money, the government takes care of people and gives them a chance to start over.

What I find strange about Germans is that you have to plan almost everything in advance - whether it's an appointment for coffee or a bigger party. Of course, there are those who are a bit more laid back and still go to a party "last minute", but that is rather rare. We are culturally different and that's nice because we can learn from each other.


How have you changed personally since coming here?

I've become a bit more open to other cultures and new food. Frankfurt offers a lot, it's an "international city." I try to try a lot of new things. Of course, in the beginning everything was all at once and therefore very complicated. You have to slowly convince yourself that you are now living in a different country with a different culture. In my opinion, you have to see all changes as a new opportunity to learn and enjoy life.


Also, is there anything that many don't know about Colombia?

Many people don't know that despite government problems, corruption, those bad stories about Pablo Escobar and cocaine, Colombia is a beautiful country with nice people and the best landscapes in the world. I invite everyone to go to Colombia and see for themselves. Colombia is more than coca, marijuana and coffee!


Thank you Yali!

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