The challenge.

The first Germany-wide professional recognition of Vietnamese nursing graduates in order to integrate healthcare professionals from Vietnam into German hospitals.

The Success Story.

A group of 19 healthcare professionals, all graduates of one of Vietnam's most renowned medical universities, were selected by our team of HR experts on site, intensively trained in the German (technical) language and prepared for their entry.

After only six months in Germany, they received German professional recognition and were able to work as fully qualified healthcare professionals in a German clinic.


The result.

All 19 professionals are still living and working in Germany after several years. They are fully integrated, feel at home in their own homes and some of them have their own families in Germany.

What's more, three of them were transferred to the intensive care unit after only six months. Here they convince with their competence even in critical situations - both professionally and linguistically. And other Talents are also continuing to develop: one nurse, for example, has already successfully completed her specialist training in the stroke unit, which means that she will be tied to the hospital for another three to five years.

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