Namibian nurses Visit to Windhoek

Twelve Namibian nurses are happy to receive contracts with German hospital

Recruiters from TalentOrange are currently in Windhoek to look for new talents for the scholarship program. In the process, they have also met these twelve nursing professionals again. The group has been learning German since March 2022. The young women are happy because all of them have just passed their B1 exam in German. The B2 exam will follow in November. Passing it is a prerequisite for their nursing degrees, which they completed at the University of Namibia, to be recognized in Germany.  The twelve nurses already have an employer in Germany: the whole group is going to work at Alb Fils Kliniken in Göppingen in Baden-Württemberg. They are expected to arrive in Germany in early 2023. Just recently, they all had their second online interview with their new employer: the aim was to get to know the hospital better and to clarify the talents’ preferences for their future assignment: Who will work on which ward? Exciting! We share the happiness of the whole class!