TalentOrange back in Latin America

TalentOrange presenting its program in Brazil and México in person.

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the TalentOrange team travels to Latin America again.

  • Dr. Tilman Frank and his project managers Fynn Kaese and Camilla Carrara will conduct interviews in-person and present the renowned program at universities in Mexico and Brazil.
  • They will be in Brazil as of November 9, and in Mexico as of November 14, 2021

Interested university graduates with a bachelor's degree in nursing can learn all about the TalentOrange program on-site.

For those who want to gain work experience as a professional nurse in Germany: Will find out more about the TalentOrange program.

If you want to be invited for an interview, please send your CV & Transcript of Records/Histórico Escolar, now:

From Brazil to camilla.carrara@talentorange.com

From México to fynn.kaese@talentorange.com