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Tilman Frank at German TV broadcast of "rheinmain TV wirtschaft"

German TV broadcast rheinmain Wirtschaft, on August 3, 2021 :

In her MutCafé, Nelly Kostadinova speaks to the Frankfurt entrepreneur Dr. Tilman Frank. He founded TalentOrange, a company specializing in the global recruitment process of professionals in nursing and early childhood education. From 16:03 minutes onwards, he talks about:

  • motivation of founding a company,
  • the early days and first talents,
  • the portfolio expansion from healthcare to education,
  • the company's ethical values,
  • the Skilled Immigration Act in Germany,
  • the tireless work of the entire TalentOrange team, also and especially during the pandemic,
  • the people behind the "professionals" and how these are directly related to his personal recipe for courage ...