Briefly stopped by: Cooperation partner in the Frankfurt office

Hybrid German courses in Latin America and worldwide run successfully

TalentOrange runs its own language school in Frankfurt am Main. Here, qualified professionals are trained in German from 0 to B2 and are optimally prepared for their final examination with telc or Goethe through intensive support, both on and offline. Further courses are already taking place in the countries of origin - with just as much success. The secret everywhere: competent teachers for German as a foreign language.

Growing global network of cooperation partners

“How nice to see you!“ –

Irma, our language teacher from Mexico, and Fynn Kaese, our deputy team leader of project management, meet again at the beginning of the year. And this time not through 15-inch screens, no, completely "for real".

"Irma has been part of our global network for just under a year now," says Kaese. "We are happy to have competent language teachers on board worldwide. It is not a matter of course to have not only technical expertise but also know-how about the similarities and differences between cultures. Irma is a good example because she knows the Germans just as well as the Mexicans. That's an advantage when preparing our protégés in Mexico."

And indeed: Irma lived and worked in Berlin for several decades. Over Christmas 2020, she had visited her children in Berlin. On her way back to Mexico, she briefly stopped by at TalentOrange in Frankfurt. The few employees who, due to their work with sensitive documents, still do their job from the office instead of from the home office, were happy about the short "hello" - among them Kaese.

TalentOrange Professional Nurses from Mexico learning German

Visiting the emerging TalentOrange campus

"This year, too, we have many new projects lined up. Among them is our TalentOrange campus - which is currently being built in Neu-Isenburg. Irma and I took a look at the current construction progress on site. Things are moving forward!" Kaese is pleased to report.

After the detailed update about the ongoing German courses, which usually happens via teams or Zoom, was held in person this time, Irma already moved on. Her students are already back in the starting blocks after the Christmas break. Thanks to the latest learning methods and didactic games, which are now even great fun virtually, the upcoming exams are sure to be mastered just as well as in 2020.