Certified nursing professional becomes practice instructor at a hospital in Germany.

Colombian healthcare professional climbs the career ladder in Germany

Laura Murcia Aristizabal was born in Colombia and already dreamed of becoming a nurse when she was a child. A dream that she made come true: After studying nursing for four years in her home country, she wanted to broaden her horizons professionally and linguistically. Thus, she came to Germany, where she is now advancing in her dream profession.

"That Laura devotes all her heart and soul to her job as a nurse became clear during the interview," says Annika Kilb, project manager at TalentOrange GmbH. "Besides her academic background, which reflects her qualification– being a graduate of one of Colombia's most renowned universities for medical studies (FUCS) – and illustrates that she gained additional expertise through health workshops parallel to her studies and subsequently self-initiated, she spoke incredibly sensitively about her experiences in working with patients. She had always enjoyed helping, and the profession of nursing enabled her to do just that: "helping people to feel better".

Laura discovered the TalentOrange program at her university...

She fulfilled the prerequisites for participation through her degree and sufficient practical experience, such as her position as director of a program for pregnant women and newborns at a Colombian children's hospital. She has been keen to work abroad for an extended period since she spent her semester abroad in São Paulo, Brazil and attended an international healthcare course at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

It cannot be taken for granted having the necessary access to a well-functioning healthcare system.

"I have become aware of so many things throughout my career so far: For example, it cannot be taken for granted having the necessary access to a well-functioning healthcare system. In many remote regions of Colombia this is not the case," explains the young professional. "In Denmark, I learned a lot about the existing imbalance of quality healthcare in the world. I feel privileged and would like to share the accumulated knowledge and experiences I am now gaining in Germany".

And indeed, she can: After learning German with TalentOrange and subsequently coming to Germany, she quickly got started at a large hospital in Offenbach. She obtained her professional and continued her advanced education even after signing the contract.

The head of the ward in Offenbach had recommended her as a suitable candidate to be trained for the position as a practice supervisor at the hospital. Hence, Laura will already start her advanced training this month to become practice supervisor in her ward of internal medicine and neurology.

The prospective practice supervisor sums up: "I have already dared to do so many things, often left my comfort zone and learned one of the most difficult languages next to Portuguese and English. My academic education at the FUCS in Colombia was very promising. Combined with my professional and personal circumstances in a stable country like Germany, I can look confidently into a bright future".